Quick review of 2013

DSC_0185 DSC_1025DSC_0194 DSC_0526 DSC_0860 DSC_0861 DSC_0872 DSC_0873 DSC_0890 DSC_0205 DSC_0483 DSC_0498 (2) DSC_0512 (2) DSC_0674 DSC_0749 DSC_0593 DSC_0618 DSC_0689 IMG_2796 IMG_2799 DSC_0782Someone asked if we still update our blog. My response was “sometimes??” I looked back and there was a draft started in June 2013. YIKES!!! Well I deleted that and am starting on December 2014!!! That is really bad. So It will be a quick update for the last 2 years.

March 2013: Sarah and her friends go to Puerto Rico for spring break. Catherine and Emily are seniors in HS and Michael is a freshman.

April 2013: Catherine and Emily are trying to decide between Fordham and American so they road trip to DC! We let them drive by themselves. Stressful for me but a huge learning experience. Long story short, they will never mess up driving through New York again. Going over the George Washington Bridge twice was a nightmare that never wants to be re- lived. They survived though and have great memories. Lyndon had a work trip to Arizona so we all went with him. It was beautiful in Tuscon. Our biking adventure ( it was a large group of Met Life people) through the desert was nothing short of CRAZY!!! I will start by saying I was having knee surgery the next week. Should have known then it would not end well. They said it was appropriate for all ages and abilities. HMMM. LONG STORY SHORT … Emily wiped out at the beginning going down a hill of sand onto CONCRETE. It was not pretty. The rest of the group continued on. I stayed with her and John (the leader of the whole group).Her first worry was that she broke a nail. It was much worse than that. We cleaned her up and she bravely continued on. But because she had the fear of falling now it only continued. I cant even begin to count how many times she fell. BUT it was a REALLY HARD trail.She fell into a cactus bush one time and John had to pick thorns off her butt. We got really close to John ! Anyway it was about 95 degrees and about 2:00 in the afternoon in Arizona. Not a good combo. We kept pushing on. He was in radio contact with the rest of the group but parts of them were not really sure where they were and alittle lost. Some people had strayed away from the group. Michael was in the front having a blast and did not realize anything was up. Catherine and Lyndon were in a group that had stopped and was waiting for the leader to round up a straggler. Meanwhile John, Emily and I were waiting for the group to loop back ( they never did because they took a “different ” route but a lone rider did meet up with us. He followed us back but was on the verge of passing out. He kept wobbling and had to walk his bike. We got back to the hotel finally and realized how bad everything had been. We also had to clean Emily better. She did break a nail really badly but the scrapes on her shin, thigh and elbow was really bad. They had to call the hotel people to administer first aid. The nail salon was freaked out by her nail but cleaned it up. I wont even begin the story of how our flights back were cancelled and we had to split up and travel all over the country to get back. BUT, Emily did end up getting all her scrapes infected and is was a long process of healing.
Lyndon and I went to Atlanta for a quick weekend for Luke and Andrew’s first communion before I had knee surgery.

May 2013: Catherine and Emily decide to go to Fordham!

June 2013: Catherine and Emily graduated from HS!! Another crazy story. Because of snow days they did not finish until JUNE 27! No one in Avon will ever forget this graduation as it was raining,squeezed in to the gym and delayed 2 hours because no one could make a decision about what to do. UGH. We had a slew of graduation parties to attend in the few days leading up to and after graduation. It was nice because my Dad and Marlene and Jack were here too.

July 2013: Of course a travel story is not complete without some sort of disaster. Michael went to Nicaragua with Kevin Woods and friends from Atlanta. We were sending him by himself. His flight to Atlanta got delayed and he missed his Nicaragua connection by minutes. He was able to stay with dad overnight but there is only one flight a day. SO we had to get him on the flight the next day and make sure there were arrangements in Nicaragua to get him to the Amigos for Christ facility. All worked out and he met up with them and had a fantastic experience.

August 2013: Greece was an amazing trip, full of beautiful sights, historic ruins and of course a trip to the emergency room with none other than Emily. We went to Santorini, Mikonos and Athens. We had incredible accomodations in a house in Santorini. Unfortunately Emily did not get to enjoy much as she came down with what we think was viral meningitis. Mikonos was windy but beautiful as well. Lots of card playing. In Athens we met up with Sarah’s friend Lydia who gave us quite the tour of the Acropolis. It was so cool to see all the old/ancient ruins and historic sights there.
When we got back Catherine and Emily went off for their freshman year of college 😦 Sarah left for her Junior year. Time flies.

October 2013: We ran the Hartford Marathon as a team. Emily anchored us, then Catherine, then Mary, then Lyndon and finally Michael finished us off. It was really fun to do that as a family. Sarah was unfortunately at school.

November 2013: For Thanksgiving we had Heesun, Jessie, and Julie and Jason and kids. It was fun running the Manchester as such a large group of people.

December 2013: Christmas was a peaceful holiday spent with just us, enjoying each other.

OK so I will end with 2013 and add some pictures. Hopefully I will get right back on and catch you up on 2014!


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