Now on to 2014

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January 2014:  We started the year with Catherine going on a  GO (Global Outreach) trip to the Appalachians in KY.  It was a great experience for her. Their motto was “Participate don’t anticipate”   They could not have phones, I pods, watches, etc.  They drove to KY from NY and never knew the time.  They did what was asked and did not worry as to what was next.  NIce way to be.  Then  my family really got me. They surprised me with a huge 50th birthday party. My Dad and Karen even flew up. The girls came home from school.  I was so shocked. A lot of people really kept a secret from me.  Thanks to everyone!!

February 2014:It has been a very cold and snowy winter. The HS Swim team makes a yearly trip to FL during Feb break for training. This year there was a big snowstorm the day they were to leave and flights were cancelled. They had to make last minute travel plan changes, get it approved by the board of ed, and board a bus for a 24 hour drive from CT to Ft Lauderdale FL.  It was all worth it though, they had a great training and bonding time.  SInce Michael was going to be gone, Lyndon and I booked  a quick trip to Bermuda.  I had never been there so that was nice.  It was not really “Hot” but compared to what we were having in CT it was balmy.

March 2014:  Michael was making his Confirmation so Rich came up for the weekend. That was very special.  At the swim banquet Michael got the Coach’s award.

April 2014: Michael’s spring break, Easter, and Catherine and Emily’s long weekend all coincided so we drove to Atlanta.  Unfortunately Sarah was not able to be with us. We were able to get pictures with the majority of the cousins and sisters. That was nice.

May2014: Sarah turned 21! That really makes me feel old. We drove over to Vassar and surprised her for dinner. Jen and Haley came too which made it even more special. Lyndon decided for her birthday and our anniversary to get 2 tickets to the Tony Awards.  Pretty cool gift! Nana and her helper Arogia came at the end of the month for a summer visit.

June 2014: We made lots of Indian food and learned how to make pickle while Nana was here. We tried to go see and do a lot. (Keeping her very busy)  Between Cirque d’soliel, the Litchfield shrine, Elizabeth Park Rose Garden, Vassar, Fordham, Botanical Gardens, there was not  a whole lot of downtime. Sarah had an internship at Hartford Hospital. Emily got a  job as a nanny. Catherine had an internship at the Secretary of State’s office in Hartford.  Our 3 cars and 5 drivers situation was a scheduling nightmare.

July 2014:  Michael AND Mary went to Nicaragua this year.  It was a great bonding experience for the two of us. That week was a busy time for visitors in CT.  Dad came up and took Lyndon and MIchael to the Baseball Hall of Fame Inductions. Marlene, Jack, Shannon, Brian and their two boys came up for a visit too. All of this was overlapping. Hectic but fun!!

August 2014: Another long car drive was ahead for us as we drove from CT to Atlanta. We stayed there for a few days then drove from Atlanta to Emerald Isle. We stayed the week there and then drove from NC to CT.  Thank goodness MJ is  a good traveler. 6 people and a dog in a car makes for an interesting trip. One of my favorite things we did in NC was that we paired up and each took a night to cook – Lyndon and Michael, Sarah and Emily, and Mary and Catherine.  The recipes were researched, shopped for and executed to perfection!!  sadly when we returned home Catherine, Emily and Sarah were heading back to school.

September 2014: Can you believe Sarah is a Senior at Vassar! That means Catherine and Emily are Sophomores in college and Michael is a junior in HS. WOW.

October 2014:  For Columbus Day weekend, Catherine and Emily brought home friends…Piper, Mary Kate, Caroline, Amanda, Julie, Lucy and Kate.  A houseful of females…back in my element!  Of course there was an Alabama football game.  We had enough shirts for everyone to wear some Alabama attire.  This was especially tough for Kate, the Oregon fan. Parents weekend at Fordham was Halloween weekend so it really goes into November .. Oh well.  It was a great time even though it was torrential rain.  The girls’ friends were wonderful as were their parents. Mary Kate’s mom was the email /party planning queen.  There was enough food for an army.

November 2014: Thanksgiving was a quiet one this year. Only Jessie came home with Sarah. We did manage to run the Manchester road race again even though it snowed the day before, which happened to be Michael’s 16th birthday. His learner’s permit test was cancelled because of the weather. He was not very happy. He was able to get it though on Friday . SO, another driver on his way.  On Thanksgiving we did play our annual (?) football l game in the backyard in the snow.  We worked off a lot of our calories.

December 2014:  The year is flying by. As I get ready for Christmas and the kids to all be home, I get excited to just have a full house again . It will be a quiet one with just us again but that is fine with me. Emily and Sarah came home last Thursday but Catherine does not get home until Monday. They are going to drive down to Fordham to pick her up.  We went to St Ann’s Christmas Pageant last night. Michael was helping out.  We have been participating in some way in this ever since we moved to CT in 1997. It is a beautiful way to get in the Christmas spirit.  Hopefully Emily will start the new year off right and add to our blog as she is leaving Dec 31 for an 11 day GO trip to Guyana. Well I may not have done the best job, but I have updated the blog for the past two years now. Thanks Nana for asking.


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