February 2015…the winter that won’t quit!!

We thought we were pretty lucky through November and December but once January hit it was all down hill from there. We have had snowstorm after snowstorm and sub zero temperatures for the past two months.It was about 25 degrees today, the sun was out for a bit after a brief snow shower so I went for a walk in the woods with MJ (our dog). It was soooo NICE!!!

Anyway, what have we been up to? Emily did a GO ( Global Outreach) trip to Guyana from December 31- January 11. She had a great time, did not hurt herself or get sick!!! Michael has been swimming on the high school swim team. He and three other Juniors were chosen as captains. Catherine has taken up squash at Fordham. She has never played a racquet sport so it is a challenge but she is having fun and improving all the time. We went to Vassar when Fordham was playing Vassar. It was a great family outing!  Sarah had a long winter break so she and her friends went out to California January 20 – 26, They got to spend some time with Julie and her family while they were there.

The swim team always takes a February training  trip to FL. This year it was Feb 12 – 16. No snow cancellations so that was good. Since Michael was going to FL and Lyndon had a trip to Las Vegas, I joined him out there for a long weekend. I had never been so that was fun. The best part was how warm it was!!!We did not want to come back to FRIGID CT.  We stayed at the Venetian, which was beautiful. We walked up and down the Las Vegas strip. We ate, took in the sights and saw two shows (Cirque d’soliel’s  Love and Penn and Teller) We rented a car and drove to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon!!! That was a place I have always wanted to see!!! It was spectacular.  We need to go  back with the family!!!

The same weekend Sarah flew to Utah for Mackenzie Miller’s wedding. She got to see all of her High School friends. Emily was also supposed to go to Minnesota that weekend for a conference. They got bumped from their flight and then their flight got cancelled. They finally got to MN Monday night but had to return Wed night. Catherine held down the East coast by staying at Fordham all weekend :).

We are looking forward to Spring, hoping for no more big snowstorms ( even though snow is in the forecast for next week:( ), and keeping busy. Lyndon is in Tampa today and we just booked flights to go to Atlanta for Easter.  Hopefully I will add more pictures then.097 124 127 130 149 161 282 298 335 352 364 365 376 402 441 460 481 482 506 508 IMG_0262


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