June 2015… will summer ever come!!!

May was the warmest , driest on record  but June had a different plan. It rained the first few days of June and was COLD. June 1st had the coldest high on record.  It got down into the low 40’s. It was ridiculous.  It is now June 22 and we are warm but still not a consistent trend of warm weather.  We leave for NC on Friday. I hope we have some nice weather at the beach.  Marlene and Jack stayed with us after graduation until the 7th. Dad and Karen left June 3rd.  Sandy and family came back June 12, stayed in NYC for the day then came back to our house for Saturday night/Sunday.  It was really nice to have all these people visiting us!  On June 14 we did a mud run. All of us ( even Sarah).  It was a 5k for the girls and a 10 k for the guys.  It had about 15 obstacles scattered throughout ( more for the guys)  It was a great time. Even Sarah had fun…and she ran the whole way.photo 2 (6) photo 4 (1)








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