May 2015…Sarah Graduates!!

Michael had a busy start to May with SAT tests and AP exams.  He was inducted into NHS and had several regattas.  The Juniors even had to take standardized tests at school. He ended the month with wisdom teeth coming out and Prom! He was not able to come with us Saturday because of prom but did drive up Sunday in time for graduation. Catherine and Emily finished their sophomore year at Fordham. Wow how time flies.  Lyndon and I went to Hawaii May 12 – 17.  He had a conference and it was our 25th wedding anniversary ( May 26) so it was a perfect time to go.  It was beautiful. We had a great time ziplining and surfing too. We had lots of company due to the fact that Sarah was graduating May 31.  Sandy and her family drove up to Vassar, Marlene and Jack met us there too and Jason and Caroline flew up.  Dad and Karen were already with us so we all drove over on Saturday. We planned a big Apartment party for the graduates and their families.   That night there was also a night of dessert,drinks and dancing.  It was a very hot day.  Unfortunately that warm sunny weather changed overnight. The day of graduation ( outside rain or shine) was pouring down rain.  Thankfully Vassar handed out ponchos to everyone.  It was a beautiful ceremony with some really good speeches. Arianna Huffington was the keynote speaker. We were a soggy group but it was fun. Sandy and family and Marlene and Jack all came back to the house. Emily drove the Farrell’s to JFK on Monday to catch a flight to Ireland ( more info in June )_768x1024_jpeg_bcd8077c61d54453b8491ff32e97aab3 "2015 Leaders Conference May 13-17 Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Soa Koloa, Hawaii"



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