June 2015 – January 2016

So once again I skip half a year before posting. It is good to look back at all we have done and accomplished throughout the year.  We ended June with a trip to Block Island with the Strassners. It was only Michael, Sarah and I with Jennifer, Riley and Jade. We had never been and it was a great day. We took our bikes and rode around the island, stopping for views, sun and food.  The water was freezing but all in all it was great.

We also did another family drive down to Emerald Isle NC. It is a long drive with 6 people and a dog in a van but I guess that is what family memories are made of.  We played lots of spike ball on the beach and cards at night at the kitchen table. We rented bikes and even got Emily to take a ride.

On our way back we stopped in NYC for the 4th of July.  A little confusion on the fireworks but it all worked out in the end.  We watched a lot of Women’s World Cup Soccer this summer . Yeah USA!!! When the girls went back down to NY for the Taylor Swift concert it was the day of the celebration parade for the team.  They got to go see that . Then that night Taylor Swift brought the team out on stage. Sarah, Emily and Catherine said it was one of the best concerts ever.

When August rolled around I could not believe how fast the summer was going.  Sarah started work in NY City Year . Her school is in Harlem and she would be helping in a classroom and after school.  Emily went back to Fordham and Michael started his senior year of HS! Sending Catherine off to Germany was really the hardest part.

Catherine left at the beginning of September for her semester abroad. She was going to Freiburg Germany. Catherine and Emily had never been apart more than 10 days. It was one of the hardest goodbyes. She kept a blog  catsramblings@wordpress.com.   Check it out.

The Fall kept us busy with Regattas, apple picking and college apps. Joey  was the first cousin to get married so as many of us that could went down to Atlanta for his Oct 3 wedding. It was fun to have so many of the family all together. The following week I ran the Hartford Half Marathon.  It was a beautiful day as was most of our fall weather.  At the  end of October Lyndon and I went to Germany to visit Catherine. It was such a special time to share with her.  As we pulled up on the tram and saw her standing on the road waiting for us, I could not hold back tears.  (OK so I am tearing up now just remembering this!)  She was all grown up and doing so well without us, in a foreign country!  We had a great trip. We went to Colmar France and Basel Switzerland while we were there too.  Colmar looks like a scene out of Beauty and the Beast.  Basel is a  spot where France, Germany and Switzerland all meet.

The first weekend in November had Fordham’s annual Parents Weekend. We have such  a great time tailgating with the families of our girls’ friends.  We have made some great friends as well.  The tailgate, football game, dinner , mass and Dean’s list ceremony round out a super weekend. Emily got to go visit Catherine Nov 11. Her minor glitch was when Luftansa went on strike the day before she was supposed to leave.  No worries though, Lyndon of course saved the day. They had  a wonderful time together. It was funny to hear the reaction of all of Catherine’s new friends to seeing how much they look alike.

Michael’s birthday actually fell on Thanksgiving this year. We started with our yearly Manchester Road Race.  It is a 4.7 mile run on Thanksgiving morning. Once again great weather. ( Last year it snowed the night before). Joan Tobia came to visit the day after and was able to spend the weekend with us. That was such a treat.

December flew by and Catherine came home December 20. It was a treat to have everyone home over the holidays.  Sarah went to FL with the family she babysits for, so she was not home much. We did get down t o NYC to rush a show and saw Something’s Rotten. It was hilarious. On New Year’s Eve we had a quiet night at home watching ALABAMA play in the playoffs.  They won, so on to the National Championship game against Clemson.  Lyndon had bet on them winning so had tickets for him and Michael to go to Arizona for the big game. Talk about stress.  They had an incredible time only topped off by the fact that Alabama won!

January is flying by too. Catherine went back to school on January 17.We went into the city to see Kinky Boots the night before Emily was to leave for her semester in South Africa.  Once again a very sad goodbye for the girls.  I took Emily to JFK on Friday morning.  She met up with the other students from Fordham so it was a quick rip off the bandaid type of Goodbye. She too is keeping a blog.  It is called itsemilyo@wordpress.com.

We had our first real snow of the winter over the weekend. We only got about 3 inches but NYC got 27 inches!!  I am fine with no snow but I am sure we will get our share at some point this winter.


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