Keeping up to date: Chinese New Year, Hikes and Macau

After the kids left in January I promptly got a bad case of bronchitis.  I tried to keep going but finally it really hit me.  It was not fun but gradually got better.  Chinese New Year came and  it was full of celebrations.  Between fireworks, dragon dances, and arts and craft festivals it was quite the few weeks.  Lyndon was in the US for the first part but we were able to share in some of the fun.

At the end of January, Lyndon and I went to Macau for the day.  The ferry is just a quick 45minutes to an hour ride.  It was smooth enough on the way there but on the way home was very different.  It was so rough that many people got sick and they actually announced that they had to slow down.  Not my idea of fun!! Macau is a very interesting place. There is a lot of history there.  The Portuguese were settlers there and have left much of their influence.  The Jesuits established many churches and seminaries .  You could do a whole day visiting churches in Macau.  We also saw the show, The House of Dancing Waters, at the City of Dreams venue.  It was AMAZING! It was a mixture of Cirque D’Soliel meets the water .

We have tried two more hikes. The first at Aberdeen Country Park ended up hiking in the rain.  The Po Toi hike was hot and sunny. It is a little island that you get to by ferry from Stanley.  There are about 200 residents there and very little except hiking trails.  I tried a hike with the American Women’s Association . We hiked part of the Wan Chai Gap trail.  It was easy except for one BIG uphill stretch.

One of Lyndon’s job perks is that he has to go to India every once in a while.  He went to Bombay last week then was able to travel to Bangalore for the weekend to stay with his mom. His uncle Diany was there as well. He had not seen him for YEARS.  He heads to Malaysia tomorrow then I get to join him on Thursday for a long weekend in Kuala Lumpur.


Pictures are from Chinese New Year Celebrations, Po Toi and Macau.


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  1. Sandy Farrell
    Feb 13, 2017 @ 22:43:42

    Wow! A lot of good things happening there. I miss you!


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