Yuet Tung China Works

Today I went with the Foon Ying group to the Yuet Tung China Works in Kowloon Bay.  It is a warehouse and factory that is wall to wall china.  They have been open since 1928. I think some of the pottery has been sitting there that long.  There are stacks upon stacks of china everywhere.  The aisles are tight and you are so worried you are going to break something. There were 8 of us and that was plenty in the shop.They still do some painting of the pottery there on sight.  Unfortunately most of the artists are getting old and retiring. Hopefully not a lost art!  I am posting my rough directions in hopes of keeping them documented in case I try to go back!

15 Wang Hoi Rd Kowloon Bayimg_6052img_6053img_6054img_6055


The bowl he is holding is beautiful. It tells the story of settlers in HK. It was made during WWII.




AFter leaving the station walk the path with the cafe bakery on your left


turn right and walk along walkway with low ceiling


leave walkway and cross over the street


cross over the street by red roofed walkway


at bottom of stairs turn left towards UHK


this is where you are turning towards University


walk down Wang Hoi Rd


Sub station on left


sub station


HK Jockey club on left


Kowloon Bay Industrial Center on right


Pottery is on third floor


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