Flower Market, Bird Market and Ladies Market

In Kowloon there are many markets to visit and shop.  My AWA buddy, Helen, and I went on a shopping trip to experience the markets. We started with the flower markets.  There are rows and rows of flowers. SO many beautiful orchids to choose from.   The smell alone is sometimes worth the trip.  Some small coffee shops are tucked in between or inside the shops as well.

Next we headed toward the bird market. Yes it is a market that sells all kinds of birds and bird food and bird supplies.  It is mesmerizing to hear all the birds but that is soon disrupted by the chirping of the crickets which are sold for food. The birds are beautiful and if you are a bird lover this is your place.

Our final stop was a stroll through the ladies market.  It is a stroll because it is so overwhelmingly crowded with stalls. It is blocks of stalls with so much “junk” and clothing and purses and shoes and …..  After a few blocks you just have to stop looking. We went during the day and it was crowded. Supposedly at night it is even more crowded.



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