April – Marlene, Jack and Cora’s visit

Marlene, Jack and Cora arrived April 5.  We had a variety of weather for their visit. Cloudy, cool, hot, muggy but we managed to get a lot in.  I know my order is probably not correct but I will try to fill you in on all we did.   As most of our visits do, we started by just going down to Repulse  Bay and enjoying all the sights down there.  The temple at the end of the beach always fills a lot of time.  Marley had given Marlene a location to find some squishy toys (?? new fad) and so we went out to Sham Shui Po to the Apple Mall. It was easy to find but crazy that a little Japanese type of store was so popular with kids and that Marley in Alabama could tell us right where to go to find her toy.  After too much shopping and eating there we walked the streets of Sham Shui Po to see the craft and material markets there. A few train stops over and we explored the flower market and bird market. Lots of walking but kept them busy to avoid too much jet lag.

On Friday we went to the Tsz Shan Monastery.  You have to make a reservation because they only allow a certain amount of people in each day.  Once again lots of trains and taxi rides but we got there. It really was beautiful and peaceful.  We actually timed it right and were able to see a procession of the monks into the temple area where they chanted and prayed.

On Saturday we explored the Kowloon Walled City. It is an amazingly small area where there used to be 33,000 people living on 6 acres.  There is a lot of history here.  The slums were occupied until late 1980. It was demolished in 1993.  The stories and pictures were very eye opening. We had masala dosas for lunch .

On Sunday Lyndon and Jack went to the HK Sevens Rugby tournament. Marlene, Cora and I went to Stanley Market.

I really can”t remember what I am leaving out for Monday so I will just skip that day.

On Tuesday we met Lyndon for lunch and then explored the  Causeway Bay area.  Once again by the magic of internet, Jack (Asha’s son) had told them about the Nike Lab store that he wanted them to go check out. We found it and had fun looking at the interesting shoes. Of course some were purchased as well.  Then we walked around Victoria park and took a taxi over to the Wan Chai wet market.  With a little help we bought some fresh fish to make for dinner.

Wednesday was another history day. We went to  the HK Museum of History. They  have a toy exhibit which was very comprehensive.  It was pretty fun to look at the historical significance of

HK in the toy markets.  The regular exhibit of all its history was quite interesting as well. You could spend HOURS in there and not read everything.  We met up with a friend of theirs from Tonga.  He actually lives in HK. After having lunch with him and his friend we headed back home . We had to pick up our pictures that we got framed and get ready to pack to leave the next day. Marlene and all were going to Malaysia and Lyndon and I ( and MJ) were heading to Atlanta.



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  1. Marlene
    Jun 14, 2017 @ 11:58:44

    Mary, we had such a wonderful time….thank you and Lyndon for everything!


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