Catherine and Emily’s graduation from Fordham!!

After 4 years of hard work, internships, study abroad, learning new skills and meeting great friends they have graduated! Dad flew up from Atlanta, Sarah from NOLA, Jason , Sandy, Blake and Kasey from Atlanta and Marlene and Jack drove from Alabama for the festivities.  Thursday night was the Enceania ( awards night)  It was full of ceremony and speeches. Friday was baccalaureate and Parent Appreciation Dinner and Dance. Saturday was graduation.  Of course the weather had been ok the week before butt hen incredibly hot Wednesday and Thursday.  We realized the AC was not working in the Audi on Wednesday but could not get it fixed before Thursday.  So Lyndon and Michael were driving in the Audi with  no AC to NY and Dad and I were following them in the van.  Outside of Waterbury the audi had a complete tire blow out. The tire flew off the car. Lyndon did a great job keeping it under control but had to change a tire on the side of the road in 97 degree weather and then get back into a non air conditioned car. Two police officers came by and helped but still not  a great start to the weekend.   We got in to the Bronx in time for an early dinner at Tino’s!  The next day was the  baccalaureate mass. It took us over 2 hours to drive up from Tribeca. It should only take 30 – 45 minutes. Very frustrating.  After mass Lyndon, the kids and I went to the PADD. Everyone else went to an Irish Pub near their air BNB. I guess even though highly recommended it was not great. We had a great time though with dinner and dancing and seeing all their friends families.  We have gotten to know all the families through all our Parents weekend tailgates and dinners. Saturday morning was graduation.  It started at 10 but we had to be there by 830 for seats.  It was a long procession of everyone in since they included Lincoln Center students as well.  After the ceremony they broke into different schools where they each were called by name. All in all it took almost 4 1/2 hours. After lots of pictures we all met back at their house for cake and champagne toast with all the families. Very fun.  Everyone went their own ways after that. We had dinner reservations at Casa Nonna’s in the city. It was great. There were 15 of us in total. Melissa and Ali were able to join us as well.  After another late night, we all went back to our houses to sleep but get back up early the next day for mass and a short tour of campus.  We packed up both cars and drove back to CT, knowing that I would come back on Tuesday to  get the girls and another load of stuff from the apartment.


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