On April 13 we all left HK for different places.  Marlene, Jack and Cora went to Malaysia and MJ went to Atlanta via Chicago and Lyndon and I went to Atlanta via  Dallas.  Michael already was in ATL and Catherine and Emily met us at the airport Thursday night.  Sarah would get in Friday along with MJ.  Easter was that Sunday so it was great family time.  Catherine, Emily and Lyndon left Sunday afternoon to go back to NY. Sarah left Monday morning and Michael left Monday night. We had so many trips to the airport!! Traffic was horrible all week. The bridge on 85 had just collapsed the week before, there was a big sink hole on Monday and something else but I can’t remember.  All in all just frustrating.  I was able to meet up for breakfast with my friend from CT, Barb Koenig. She lives in Atlanta now but used to live in Avon.  I rented a car to drive back to CT with Janice and MJ. It was a long drive on Wednesday and lots of rain but we made it in 17 hours 😦  Janice was supposed to fly back Thursday afternoon but ended up having a migraine so she left Friday instead.  Lyndon came back to CT on Friday and that night our great friends the Sawickis had a big gathering for us. It was great to see all our friends in one place again! Unfortunately Lyndon had to return to HK on Monday.   On May 3 MJ and I drove to Dayton. Once again cold and rainy.  We loaded up Michael and his stuff and moved him out of the dorm on Thursday.  We were able to have dinner with one of his friends on Thursday night.  His family owns a Greek restaurant/sports bar. That was fun.  We drove back on Friday in the rain.  Our next big event will be Fordham’s graduation!


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