Vietnam – Hoi An and Hanoi

Wow, looking back at the blog and my calendar I can’t believe that was then end of March and it is already the middle of June.  Lyndon and I went to Hoi An, Vietnam on March 31.  It is a beautiful little beachy town on the coast of Vietnam. We chose a hotel near the beach, hoping to spend some relaxing time at the beach or pool.  Well the weather did not cooperate. It was cool and rainy the whole time we were there.  Hoi An is a very cute town. It has many traditional houses that can be viewed or have been converted to museums.  They are known for their tailoring, shoe making and lanterns.  We took a fun cooking class which started with a tour through the markets. We always love experiencing this local flair wherever we go.  After buying ingredients, we went back to the hotel by boat to do the cooking. It was very cold on the boat. Our poor instructor was freezing.  I don’t think this was usual weather for them . ( Note : this will be the theme for the next few months wherever I am)  At the hotel we made spring rolls, fish and chicken . Delicious!! Shopping was a major theme these few days.  We bought a beautiful painting by a local artist. He takes pictures of the people who purchase his paintings. He had a few books full of them dating back to the 70’s.

The next day we flew to Hanoi. I had been there but Lyndon had not.  It was a Monday so most museums were closed so we did a lot of walking and seeing the outside of famous structures. As we were walking and trying to cross the street in only the way you can in Vietnam – just go – we met a man from the US. It is funny how you can hear so many languages and accents but truly pick out that American one.  He had been travelling by himself for a few weeks so I think he really enjoyed talking with us.  He ended up walking a few  hours with us. He was really nice and enjoyed talking sports ( He went to USC and had worked for ESPN) and the business world ( he was starting grad school at Columbia in business) with Lyndon. My connection was that he was number 3 of seven in his Irish Catholic family.  We arrived back in HK on April 4 . Now we have to get ready for Marlene and Jack and Cora’s visit.


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