Chihuly Exhibit at the Botanical Gardens

I am not going to explain all of this, I will let the pictures show you how beautiful it is.

Note the author of the poem!



OK not going in to a lot of details here. Just know that she is surprising us every day. Long story short, we thought we were going to have to put her down.  She has a huge tumor, was swelling all over, was anemic, not responding to meds, not eating, not moving, had to help her up and down the stairs, etc  We planned it for Wednesday. The vet came over to the house.  She was so remarkably improved that the vet said it was not the time to do it. Catherine felt like we were being punk’d after having gone through so much emotional turmoil and then not going through with it. Now she is eating, going up and down the stairs by herself, not swollen, tumor smaller, chasing animals in the backyard… She is a miracle dog!

Catherine and Emily’s graduation from Fordham!!

After 4 years of hard work, internships, study abroad, learning new skills and meeting great friends they have graduated! Dad flew up from Atlanta, Sarah from NOLA, Jason , Sandy, Blake and Kasey from Atlanta and Marlene and Jack drove from Alabama for the festivities.  Thursday night was the Enceania ( awards night)  It was full of ceremony and speeches. Friday was baccalaureate and Parent Appreciation Dinner and Dance. Saturday was graduation.  Of course the weather had been ok the week before butt hen incredibly hot Wednesday and Thursday.  We realized the AC was not working in the Audi on Wednesday but could not get it fixed before Thursday.  So Lyndon and Michael were driving in the Audi with  no AC to NY and Dad and I were following them in the van.  Outside of Waterbury the audi had a complete tire blow out. The tire flew off the car. Lyndon did a great job keeping it under control but had to change a tire on the side of the road in 97 degree weather and then get back into a non air conditioned car. Two police officers came by and helped but still not  a great start to the weekend.   We got in to the Bronx in time for an early dinner at Tino’s!  The next day was the  baccalaureate mass. It took us over 2 hours to drive up from Tribeca. It should only take 30 – 45 minutes. Very frustrating.  After mass Lyndon, the kids and I went to the PADD. Everyone else went to an Irish Pub near their air BNB. I guess even though highly recommended it was not great. We had a great time though with dinner and dancing and seeing all their friends families.  We have gotten to know all the families through all our Parents weekend tailgates and dinners. Saturday morning was graduation.  It started at 10 but we had to be there by 830 for seats.  It was a long procession of everyone in since they included Lincoln Center students as well.  After the ceremony they broke into different schools where they each were called by name. All in all it took almost 4 1/2 hours. After lots of pictures we all met back at their house for cake and champagne toast with all the families. Very fun.  Everyone went their own ways after that. We had dinner reservations at Casa Nonna’s in the city. It was great. There were 15 of us in total. Melissa and Ali were able to join us as well.  After another late night, we all went back to our houses to sleep but get back up early the next day for mass and a short tour of campus.  We packed up both cars and drove back to CT, knowing that I would come back on Tuesday to  get the girls and another load of stuff from the apartment.


On April 13 we all left HK for different places.  Marlene, Jack and Cora went to Malaysia and MJ went to Atlanta via Chicago and Lyndon and I went to Atlanta via  Dallas.  Michael already was in ATL and Catherine and Emily met us at the airport Thursday night.  Sarah would get in Friday along with MJ.  Easter was that Sunday so it was great family time.  Catherine, Emily and Lyndon left Sunday afternoon to go back to NY. Sarah left Monday morning and Michael left Monday night. We had so many trips to the airport!! Traffic was horrible all week. The bridge on 85 had just collapsed the week before, there was a big sink hole on Monday and something else but I can’t remember.  All in all just frustrating.  I was able to meet up for breakfast with my friend from CT, Barb Koenig. She lives in Atlanta now but used to live in Avon.  I rented a car to drive back to CT with Janice and MJ. It was a long drive on Wednesday and lots of rain but we made it in 17 hours 😦  Janice was supposed to fly back Thursday afternoon but ended up having a migraine so she left Friday instead.  Lyndon came back to CT on Friday and that night our great friends the Sawickis had a big gathering for us. It was great to see all our friends in one place again! Unfortunately Lyndon had to return to HK on Monday.   On May 3 MJ and I drove to Dayton. Once again cold and rainy.  We loaded up Michael and his stuff and moved him out of the dorm on Thursday.  We were able to have dinner with one of his friends on Thursday night.  His family owns a Greek restaurant/sports bar. That was fun.  We drove back on Friday in the rain.  Our next big event will be Fordham’s graduation!

April – Marlene, Jack and Cora’s visit

Marlene, Jack and Cora arrived April 5.  We had a variety of weather for their visit. Cloudy, cool, hot, muggy but we managed to get a lot in.  I know my order is probably not correct but I will try to fill you in on all we did.   As most of our visits do, we started by just going down to Repulse  Bay and enjoying all the sights down there.  The temple at the end of the beach always fills a lot of time.  Marley had given Marlene a location to find some squishy toys (?? new fad) and so we went out to Sham Shui Po to the Apple Mall. It was easy to find but crazy that a little Japanese type of store was so popular with kids and that Marley in Alabama could tell us right where to go to find her toy.  After too much shopping and eating there we walked the streets of Sham Shui Po to see the craft and material markets there. A few train stops over and we explored the flower market and bird market. Lots of walking but kept them busy to avoid too much jet lag.

On Friday we went to the Tsz Shan Monastery.  You have to make a reservation because they only allow a certain amount of people in each day.  Once again lots of trains and taxi rides but we got there. It really was beautiful and peaceful.  We actually timed it right and were able to see a procession of the monks into the temple area where they chanted and prayed.

On Saturday we explored the Kowloon Walled City. It is an amazingly small area where there used to be 33,000 people living on 6 acres.  There is a lot of history here.  The slums were occupied until late 1980. It was demolished in 1993.  The stories and pictures were very eye opening. We had masala dosas for lunch .

On Sunday Lyndon and Jack went to the HK Sevens Rugby tournament. Marlene, Cora and I went to Stanley Market.

I really can”t remember what I am leaving out for Monday so I will just skip that day.

On Tuesday we met Lyndon for lunch and then explored the  Causeway Bay area.  Once again by the magic of internet, Jack (Asha’s son) had told them about the Nike Lab store that he wanted them to go check out. We found it and had fun looking at the interesting shoes. Of course some were purchased as well.  Then we walked around Victoria park and took a taxi over to the Wan Chai wet market.  With a little help we bought some fresh fish to make for dinner.

Wednesday was another history day. We went to  the HK Museum of History. They  have a toy exhibit which was very comprehensive.  It was pretty fun to look at the historical significance of

HK in the toy markets.  The regular exhibit of all its history was quite interesting as well. You could spend HOURS in there and not read everything.  We met up with a friend of theirs from Tonga.  He actually lives in HK. After having lunch with him and his friend we headed back home . We had to pick up our pictures that we got framed and get ready to pack to leave the next day. Marlene and all were going to Malaysia and Lyndon and I ( and MJ) were heading to Atlanta.


Vietnam – Hoi An and Hanoi

Wow, looking back at the blog and my calendar I can’t believe that was then end of March and it is already the middle of June.  Lyndon and I went to Hoi An, Vietnam on March 31.  It is a beautiful little beachy town on the coast of Vietnam. We chose a hotel near the beach, hoping to spend some relaxing time at the beach or pool.  Well the weather did not cooperate. It was cool and rainy the whole time we were there.  Hoi An is a very cute town. It has many traditional houses that can be viewed or have been converted to museums.  They are known for their tailoring, shoe making and lanterns.  We took a fun cooking class which started with a tour through the markets. We always love experiencing this local flair wherever we go.  After buying ingredients, we went back to the hotel by boat to do the cooking. It was very cold on the boat. Our poor instructor was freezing.  I don’t think this was usual weather for them . ( Note : this will be the theme for the next few months wherever I am)  At the hotel we made spring rolls, fish and chicken . Delicious!! Shopping was a major theme these few days.  We bought a beautiful painting by a local artist. He takes pictures of the people who purchase his paintings. He had a few books full of them dating back to the 70’s.

The next day we flew to Hanoi. I had been there but Lyndon had not.  It was a Monday so most museums were closed so we did a lot of walking and seeing the outside of famous structures. As we were walking and trying to cross the street in only the way you can in Vietnam – just go – we met a man from the US. It is funny how you can hear so many languages and accents but truly pick out that American one.  He had been travelling by himself for a few weeks so I think he really enjoyed talking with us.  He ended up walking a few  hours with us. He was really nice and enjoyed talking sports ( He went to USC and had worked for ESPN) and the business world ( he was starting grad school at Columbia in business) with Lyndon. My connection was that he was number 3 of seven in his Irish Catholic family.  We arrived back in HK on April 4 . Now we have to get ready for Marlene and Jack and Cora’s visit.

So much to do, so little time

It has  been very busy here the last few weeks.  After Tokyo, I had a great adventure on an AWA bike trip.  Lyndon and I then spent 5 days in Vietnam. We got back on Tuesday and then Marlene, Jack and Cora came on Wednesday. We have been sight seeing throughout Hong Kong. They are currently doing a day trip to Macau.  On Thursday MJ leaves early in the morning, then Marlene, Jack and Cora head to Malaysia in the morning and Lyndon and I leave for the US in the afternoon.   It is a crazy busy time around here but all good.  I will post stories and pictures as soon as I can catch my breath in Atlanta or CT.

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